Purple Purse needed to show the public that financial abuse is the reason most women can’t just walk away from violent relationships. So my team created a short film based on the true story of “Lori” who escaped after hiding money in tampons for 700 days. The film launched a fundraising campaign that raised $3.75M and helped over 1M women.

Role: Concept/Copywriter

Press: Creativity Editor’s Pick, ABC, CNN, Huffington Post, Campaign, AdWeek, Ad Age, People Magazine


Viewers everywhere responded with their own abuse stories

“My god this was my reality a year ago”

“Been there!! It is so hard to leave especially when you have two little children”

“You must repeatedly play this commercial during sporting events on TV and sports stadiums.”

Press Coverage


Campaign Poster




ECD: Mikal Pittman
ADs: Denison Kusano/Lindsay Stevens
DIRECTOR: Paul Cameron